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Rengeji-temple image

【B】 Rengeji-Temple(蓮華寺)@Kyoto


This time I want to introduce you a temple named Rengeji-Temple which is quietly located in north of Kyoto city.

This Temple belongs to the Tendai Buddhist Group and is said that it is was revived by a samurai “Imaeda Chikayoshi(1614-1679)”, which was destroyed by fire during the Onin War.
Rengeji-templeThis temple holds a beautiful Japanese style garden with a pond in the center made in the early Edo era.A garden with a pond in the center is one of a popular style of the garden. These type of garden is mostly made to appreciate by walking around the pond.Though this temple’s one has only a small scale, it is mainly appreciated from the drawing room of the architecture.
Because it is a bit far from the center of Kyoto, and also little known from both Japanese and Tourists, you can enjoy the beautiful garden and the silent atmosphere  with composure.



This temple was refounded by “Koreyoshi Imaeda” fulfilling his grandfather(Shigenao Imaeda(1554-1628))’s wish of building a temple in this place.And also to pray for his death.
You might feel the awe and thoughtfulness of the grandson to his grandfather who fought and survived the age of samurai civil wars.
civil war


This is my Evaluation of visiting “Rengeji Temple” thinking whether it would be a worthy place to visit for foreign travelers. I want travelers to visit and use the limited time, where both Foreign travelers and Japanese feels worthy to go and attractive. So hereunder, I am writing a evaluation from two different point of view. The first is Foreign Travelers point of view, and the second is Japanese point of view. Please mind that this evaluation is just my point of view.

"Rengeji-Temple " Evaluation from Foreign Travelers point of view

Evaluation(評価) Comment(コメント)
TOTAL(総合)BIf you have a bit of time and want to feel the Japanese temple and garden's silent atmosphere with real composure, I would really recommend to visit.
SURPRISE(驚き・新鮮さ)BThe feeling will not be "surprised" but you will be impressed by the wonderful silent atmosphere,which makes your mind totally calm down.
FEEL JAPAN(日本らしさ)BBecause it is not crowded, you can feel the authentic atmosphere of Japanese temple and garden.
NOT CROWDED(混み具合)ABecause the access is a bit inconvenient, it would not be crowded most of the time. Be careful that people who are not high school students and over are not allowed to enter.
PROUD(自慢できる)CThe temple is not a big-name and a world heritage site, it is difficult to boast to your friend the experience you have visited.

"Rengeji-Temple " Evaluation from Japanese point of view

Total(総合のみ)B+This temple is intermediately famous, though is a place which connoisseur would know. Visiting here would impress many Japanese many are apt to visit popular and crowded places. I think you only can feel the authentic calm atmosphere which the architect intended to produce at these kind of not crowded places.

Renge-Ji temple3



■ Open times : 9:00-17:00
■ Cost : ¥400
■ Google maps


Anywhere/Yoshino-ya/Beef rice bowl/Evaluation”A”


“Gyudon”(Bowl of rice topped with beef) is a fast-food meal as common as Mc.Donalds in Japan.

There are many Gyudon specialty fast-food restaurant all over the country.And its one of the most eaten lunch by busy Japanese business person.

*This picture is the Gyu-don served in “Yoshino-ya”
Yoshinoya Gyudon

There are several Gyu-don restaurant chains in Japan and it is located all over the country.
The famous two chains are “Yoshino-ya”&”Matsu-ya”. There are many opinions which chains “Gyu-don” is more delicious,because it belongs to the preference.In this article I will introduce “Yoshino-ya” which is said to be the founder of the Gyu-don chain restaurants. And which I think serves the best Gyu-don.

Many people pours a raw egg to the Gyu-don,please challenge if you prefer.
pour raw egg  to the Gyu-don


This is my Evaluation of “Eating “Gyu-don” at Yoshino-ya”.

If I am a Foreign Traveler do I visit?AYou can experience what Japanese Busy people eat an d the taste is worth to eat

If I were a Foreign Traveler, I will decide to eat this Japanese Fast Food.The reason is that you can casually eat a delicious meal with cheap price and also can experience how common Japanese business person eat there lunch especially in the busy week days.

Many foreign gets surprised by the cheap price(Beef Bowl ¥300-¥400) and saids “Japanese fast food is healthier compared to our countries Hamburger shops!”.

I know that there are many Yohinoya outside Japan, and I have been to a few in other countries,though I felt a little difference of the taste and quite a big difference of the atmosphere.Please feel the Real Yoshinoya’s taste and atmosphere.

I recommend to eat when you got tired of formal food like SUSHI,SASHIMI,TEMPURA,etc…

Please note that most of the tim, eating Gyudon is a behavior of men,and only a few women eat at these kind of restaurants.I think this is because when these kind of chain restaurants occurred, the target were business “man”.

Though, lately these restaurants are challenging to acquire female customers by adding a menu which women prefer or changing the atmosphere of the shop.

“YOSHINOYA” and “MATSUYA” serves set lunch in addition to GYUDON. I think MATSUYA has a thought to recommend the set menu more strongly than YOSHINOYA. Please challenge MATSUYA’s set menu if you have chance!

*This picture is the appearance and the Menu of “MATSUYA”



You can find it anywhere around the country!I’ll attach the shops around Shinjuku(Tokyo) and Shijyo(Kyoto) as a example.
■ Open times : 24hours
■ Cost : ¥300-¥800
■ Restaurants around Shinjuku(Tokyo)/Google maps

■ Restaurants around Shijyo(Kyoto)/Google maps

You can find it anywhere around the country!I’ll attach the shops around Shinjuku(Tokyo) and Shijyo(Kyoto) as a example.
■ Open times : 24hours
■ Cost : ¥300-¥800
■ Restaurants around Shinjuku(Tokyo)/Google maps

■ Restaurants around Shijyo(Kyoto)/Google maps