Evaluation definition

The purpose of writing this homepage is that “I want to support foreign travelers to find out where you can feel very value to visit”. For that I want foreign travelers to know the opinion and evaluation from both “Foreign travelers point of view” and “Japanese point of view”. So I am mentioning an evaluation of each spot as under.Though please note that this evaluation is just my point of view. Please use the evaluation information for a reference.

I’m putting a six-grade evaluation to each sightseeing area or restaurants, from 2 points of view. The 2 points of view are Foreign Travelers point of view and Japanese point of view.
For each point of view I have settled an evaluation axis of “Total”.
The definition of each grade for “Total” is written in the list below.

Evaluation Definition

Evaluation Rank(ランク)Definition(定義)
A+The "Definition" is the same with A. Attaching "A+" where I can highly recommend among A rated places.
AYou must go, by all means.
B+The definition of "+" is as same as A+.
BRecommended to go, if it fits your interests and schedule.
C+The definition of "+" is as same as A+.
CIf you have time left over, it's worth a visit.

Furthermore, I have noted 4 detailed evaluation axis as the foreign travelers point of view. The “Total” evaluation rank came from putting together these 4 axis.The 4 axis are “Surprise” “Feel Japan” “Not crowded” “Proud”. Besides, Evaluation topic from Japanese point of view have only “Total”.

I have written below the meaning of each “4 detailed Evaluation axis” as a point of view of Foreign Traveler.
Though I haven’t defined each 6 rank’s(A+ 〜 C) description because it is nearly the same with “Total” axis.

4 detailed evaluation definition

Surprise(新鮮さ・驚き)I think that when you visit an foreign country, travelers pursue a novel and surprising experience.I think this criterion as a principal axis.
Feel Japan(日本らしさ)It might be close in meaning to the "Surprise" axis, though whether you could feel the authentic Japanese atmosphere or culture must be an important point of view.
Not Crowded(混み具合)A place which is too crowded sometimes make you difficult to feel the excellence of the place. Typically "Silence" or "composure" is considered very important in Japanese culture .
Proud(自慢できる)Whether you could boast to yourself and your friends "I have been there" should be an important pleasure! Isn't it?


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