Purpose of this Homepage(このサイトの目的)


Making this homepage’s purpose is to help foreign travelers to plan an exciting trip and accomplish it with no regret. For that we want to provide information which would support travelers to find out and prioritize where to go during the stay in Japan.



Problems to solve(解決したい問題)

We want to help travelers thinking like this…

    • The Japanese culture is too unique, can we understand & enjoy this country?
    • Does Japan really provide us a great journey?
    • Can we really find out the information we want? There are too much information which makes us just confused…
    • Sometimes the places which are recommended in the guide book or internet are not worthy places to spend time. There are kind of fake places just constructed to entertain travelers and is difficult to distinguish  it.

Solving these problems, We want foreign travelers to be firmly convinced “This is the best way for me to spend the limited time and money in Japan”


  • 日本の文化は独特すぎて理解できるかどうかが不安。この国を本当に楽しむことができるのか?
  • 日本は本当に私たちに最高の旅を約束してくれるのか?
  • 欲しい情報に辿り着くことができるのか?情報が溢れすぎていて混乱してしまうのではないか?
  • ガイドブックやインターネット上にある情報の一部は、外国人向けの造り物である場所も記載されていて、本当に行くべき場所と見分けるのが難しいのではないか?



Information to provide(提供する情報)

Specifically, we want to provide information like this.

  • Inform the unique and complicated culture, simply, easy to understand, enjoyably.
  • Provide information from 4 points of view, which we think that it is important for foreign travelers to feel fulfilled, when visiting a sightseeing sight. ①Surprise ②Feel Japan ③Not crowded ④Proud. Details of ①〜④ is written in this page “Evaluation definition”/span>
  • Provide information from “Japanese point of view” too. Writing whether it is worthy to visit or not, from Japanese point of view.

Particularly we are thinking, “whether it is worthy to visit or not,from Japanese point of view” should be an information which foreign travelers wants to know. When we go to foreign countries for sightseeing, we seek for information to find out the truly worthy place to visit, thinking like “Where is the place the locals really recommend” “I don’t feel fulfilled going to places which is only constructed to attract foreign travelers.”

We want to provide information, which Foreign Travelers can efficiently find out the worthy place to visit, from both “Foreign Travelers point of view” and “Japanese point of view”.


  • 独特な文化をシンプルに、分かりやすく、楽しく伝えたい。
  • 外国人観光客が観光地を訪れた際に、満足感を感じるための重要なポイントだと考えている①驚き②日本を感じる③混み具合④誇れるという4つのポイントについて書き、どのような体験が出来るのか?を明確に伝えたい。①〜④の具体的に内容はこちらのページに記載してます
  • 日本人から見て、その観光地がどうなのか?を書き、現地に住む日本人から見ても訪れる価値ある場所なのかを伝えたい。



Why I’m doing this(なぜ書いているのか)

When I(One of the author) was a child I lived in a foreign country for about 10 years. In those days, travelers who came to Japan was very  few than today. Living there I was feeling like “Too many people don’t know or is not even curious about Japan”, and I was thinking that situation a sad thing. As a extreme example some people asked me “if there are Samurai’s with Chonmage(topknot) still living in Japan?”
Besides, when I came back to Japan and visited  some Japanese sightseeing sights, I thought like “Japanese culture, history, etc… is too unique and difficult!”. It must be so difficult and confusing to understand for foreign person, and tell you the truth most of the Japanese don’t understand it too!
I think that traveling foreign countries must be more and more exciting when we could know about the country, so it is a shame that most of the people can’t understand it.
In these days, great number of travelers are visiting Japan. We started to write this homepage because we want to inform about Japan to the travelers, “Simply, Easy to understand, Enjoyably”. We are very happy if we could support travelers as many as possible!

子供の頃、海外に長く住んでいたことがあります。(スタッフの一人が) まだ現在のように、日本に来る観光客が少ない時代でした。その時に感じていたのが、「日本のことがあまりにも知られていない」ということでした。当時、何人かの人に、日本では皆「ちょんまげ」をしているのか?という質問をされたことがあるほどです・・・


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To accomplish the trip with no regret.